Mild herbal tasty digestive blend

Does this describe you?


  • Inflammation in the stomach and digestive tract
  • Upset stomach from stress
  • Indigestion, heartburn
  • Recovering from stomach flu


Stomach Soother Tea is a smooth organic caffeine-free blend of comforting herbs that settle, calm, nourish, and moisten the stomach. It relieves inflammation and irritation, and may even help balance acidity. Awesome, right? It even tastes good. Mmmm.

100% certified organic ingredients:


Chamomile, Peppermint, Marshmallow root, Slippery Elm, Yarrow, Meadowsweet, Licorice

Brewing Instructions:


Steep one tablespoon Stomach SootherTea in 12 oz. hot water for 5 or more minutes. It's most soothing when enjoyed warm. For a tea, it's quite cuddly. 


Stomach Soother Tea

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