Green tea with ginger, cardamom, and a hint of bergamot

Lady Ginger is an organic blend of Green tea lightly scented with goodness and bergamot, to which we add the exact perfect amount of ginger and hand-crushed cardamom pods. In Asia there is a proverb that goes something like "all good qualities are contained in ginger" and we completely agree. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, warms you up, soothes your stomach, and when combined with Green tea, boosts your metabolism. Hear that, people on a diet? This is your new tea. 

100% organic or wildcrafted ingredients:


Green tea with Bergamot essential oil, Ginger, Crystallized Ginger (ginger, cane sugar), Cardamom, Blue Malva

Brewing Instructions:


Steep 1 - 2 teaspoons of Lady Ginger in 8 oz. water for 1 to 3 minutes. Tastes great hot or iced.

Lady Ginger

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